• HE-008A
  • HE-008A
  • HE-008A
HE-008A HE-008A HE-008A

Product features:

1. Double microphone call noise reduction, to achieve higher quality call effect

2. Low latency Bluetooth 5.3 chip, non-inductive delay audio and picture synchronization

3. 13mm composite film speaker, high-definition sound quality, clear voice

4. 4 MI ENC, clearer call

5. Up to 25 hours of playback time

6. Primary/secondary switchover is optional

7. One click to wake up the language assistant

8. High voltage protection, lithium protection more secure use

Product appearance features:

1. Fashion plating process cover design

2. Round shape, comfortable grip

3. Spring switch cover, better experience

4. Advanced grain design

5. In-ear design, more comfortable to wear, headphone cap can be switched

6. Data display power, no anxiety

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