• HE-062A
  • HE-062A
  • HE-062A
HE-062A HE-062A HE-062A

Product features:

1. Hanging ear wear, fit ergonomic design and ear close fit, running headset is not easy to fall.

2.5.3 Bluetooth version chip, stable transmission, transmission is not easy to break.

3. Large capacity battery, 35H long life.

4. Digital display of electricity, do not worry about no electricity, do not worry when exercising.

5. Master/slave switch, single ear switch, movement is not limited.

6. Headset double protection board, durable.

7.Touch sensing, cutting songs while moving and answering phone calls can be done easily. Sensitive to touch.

8. IPX5 Waterproofing. Waterproof and sweat resistant during exercise, not easy to damage.

Appearance Features:

1. Fashion color matching, beautiful appearance, the first glance attracts the eye.

2. Transparent shell, feel good, light and easy to handle.

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