4D Therapy Beyou

  • 4D Therapy Beyou
  • 4D Therapy Beyou
  • 4D Therapy Beyou
4D Therapy Beyou 4D Therapy Beyou 4D Therapy Beyou

GAMA Professional 4D Therapy Ozone Ion Technology combines the extraordinary youthboosting properties of Ozone with the benefits of Ion-Plus Technologies, providing four key benefits: younger- looking, healthier, shinier and no-frizz hair. The Ozone acts as a powerful anti-bacterial agent; it purifies the scalp and boosts oxygenation by eliminating grease and impurities that may clog your scalp pores, facilitating and improving the hair natural oxygenation. Ions help to reconstruct the hair, eliminating frizz and leaving it looking shiny and beautiful. The combined action of both technologies has a genuine youth-boosting effect on the hair leaving it stronger, more supple, full of life and shinier from the roots to the tips.

Made in Italy


Comes with an ultra-narrow professional concentrator nozzle


• Power 2400W

• Long-life AC motor

• Ozone Ion technology, anti-aging effect

• Ion Plus Technology, goodbye frizz

• Tourmaline-coated internal components

• 6 combinations of 2 speeds and 3 temperatures and cool shot

• Removable filter for easy cleaning

• 2.5 m long cord

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