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4Gaming is the first Portuguese brand of hardware, peripherals, accessories and, above all, gaming experiences, on the PC platform.

We breathe technology, we understand computers, and just like you, we have this great mission, and it's really a passion, we are gaming!

And we won't slow down, let alone stop as long as there's even one person in the world who wants to play.

Every day we are faced with a new challenge, a different obstacle, and that only happens because we allow ourselves and dare to experiment, develop, perfect and bring you an increasingly real gaming experience because, believe me, with us you will go as far as we can take you to become a player with skills and professional instinct.

The boot started in 2016 when a 'great nut' (who is still with us today) really wanted to play and his old computer was already smoking everywhere.

It took hours, days, and weeks to research the best settings, components, and knowledge to assemble the first gaming setup.

A year later the brand was born and we started to build our first computers. One more year and we launched the first Portuguese gaming peripherals. From this point it was no longer possible to drop.

Our history is as solid and genuine as our strength and determination to become a source of inspiration for several generations of gamers.

Create your gaming universe connected to your brand and overcome yourself, because if you were born to play, you were made to compete!

4Gaming Built to Compete.

until IFA 2024! Buy your ticket now