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5D Therapy Comfort Halogen

GAMA ITALY Hall: 7.1 Stand: C612
  • 5D Therapy Comfort Halogen
  • 5D Therapy Comfort Halogen
  • 5D Therapy Comfort Halogen
5D Therapy Comfort Halogen 5D Therapy Comfort Halogen 5D Therapy Comfort Halogen

The 5D Therapy range has GAMA Professional top-ofthe-line technologies. Thanks to the combined action of Ion-Plus Technology, Active Ozone and Halogen Technology, the innovative line has five guaranteed beneficial effects on the hair: hair reconstruction and protection, anti-age effect, anti-frizz & extra shine. When the hair is not protected from external agents, free radicals reduce the molecules that ensure the vibrancy of the color, protect the hair from oxidation and prevent the reduction of the hair natural shine. Ozone has anti-bacterial properties that protect the hair environmental agents, purifying and rejuvenating it and helping fixate color treatments; the negative ions rebuild your hair, leaving it looking shiny and frizz-free; while the far-infrared heat emitted from the hair dryer halogen technology and the tourmaline plates on the straighteners, penetrates directly inside the hair, drying it from the inside out, while protecting its cuticles and guaranteeing maximum hair protection from all external agents and stress factors. Their combined action results in the new Color Protect effect, a longer lasting and brighter color and shine, with hair fiber reconstruction and overall healthier hair.

Made in Italy


Comes with 2 nozzles and diffuser


• Power 2200 W

• Long-lasting AC motor

• Halogen technology, greater drying capacity and wellbeing for your hair

• Ozone technology, removal of impurities for adequate oxygenation

• Ion Plus Technology: goodbye frizz

• Tourmaline-coated inner components

• 6 combinations of 2 speeds and 3 temperatures and cool shot

• Removable filter for easy cleaning

• 2.50 m long cord