AI-driven Waste Sorting Robot

•ATRON is a robot solution that classifies waste using vision (RGB) sensors and video recognition technology. It automates and unmanned recycling sorting facilities, contributing to increasing the recycling rate of landfill and incinerated waste.

•Key strengths of the solution include the integration of more than 1.6 million images(collected and processed at over 20 domestic private/public rehabilitation screening centers from May 23 to the present), artificial intelligence algorithms, and robot control technologies. After completing the pilot testing, it has entered the commercialization phase.

•Competitive advantages: Include the ability to classify 43 different types of items, including detailed categorization of plastics such as PP, PE, PVC, PS, ABS, and more. While a person can sort approximately 40 recyclable items per minute, ATRON is capable of sorting over 96 items per minute, more than twice the speed of a human operator.

•ATRON has established a production system that is easy to maintain and repair through collaboration with domestic parts suppliers, ensuring reasonable pricing. With over 3,000 hours of operation and maintenance experience, it guarantees durability, stability, and customer service response capabilities.