Air dehumidifier ADH601

The BLAUPUNKT ADH601 condensation dehumidifier will not only ensure the correct humidity level and improve the comfort of the room, but also that walls do not become damp. This model has a built-in compressor with a drying capacity of 16 litres/day. It is a feature which makes it possible to dehumidify air in a 20 to 40 sq.m. room. It will therefore allow you to get rid of moisture from both a newly renovated room and a damp garden house.

The appliance is not only efficient but also very quiet. This is because the noise level does not exceed 48 dB which means that it will not be a nuisance when you are meeting your family or friends, watching TV or reading a book.

With the ADH601, there is no need to constantly monitor the amount of condensation collected during dehumidification, as the water tank capacity is 2.5 litres. The appliance will automatically switch off when the tank is full. The appliance is additionally equipped with a continuous condensate drain function. There is no need for a tank as this allows the drainage pipe to be connected directly to the drain system. In addition, the dehumidifier will monitor the evaporator temperature and automatically switch to defrost mode if necessary.

The appliance can be monitored and safely operated due to the LED touch panel found on the control panel and the side wall where, among other things, the humidity level, as well as automatic defrost and shutdown functions in the event of overflow can be accessed.

The comfort of operation is complemented by control via phone with installed Tuya app. The app allows to remotely control the appliance’s operation from any place with Internet access, including to switch it on and off, change parameters or check the appliance’s status.

The ADH601 dehumidifier is a great solution for all flats and houses where the residents struggle with malfunctioning ventilation and excess humidity in the air. It is also perfect for dehumidifying renovated interiors, holiday cottages, flooded rooms, as well as damp basements and sheds.

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