Air humidifier AHS902

The state-of-the-art Blaupunkt AHS902 air humidifier has been designed to keep the air humidity level in the space at the best level for our bodies.

A clear and intuitive LED touch display indicates the current humidity level and ambient temperature. If necessary, e.g. not to disturb the sleep of the household members, it can be easily dimmed by switching on the night mode.

Convenient connection via the Tuya app allows for monitoring all humidifier functions as well as receiving messages from the device such as, e.g. no water message.

The range of functions provided by AHS902 is extensive. In addition to the water mist generation function with an output of 450 ml/h, the device has a built-in negative ion generator, a resin filter reducing water hardness and an air purifying function thanks to a HEPA H13 filter (integrated with an additional carbon filter).

The AHS902 humidifier is also equipped with a UVC lamp, whose light kills bacteria, microorganisms and viruses (including the flu virus).

The available hot mist option does not cool the environment during operation and the temperature reached (up to 80oC) sterilises the water.

The AHS902 air humidifier also has an aromatherapy function. Simply apply a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the drawer at the back to distribute the relaxing fragrance throughout the room and indulge yourself.

It is important to control the humidity level when the humidifier operates so as to fully use its potential. The AHS902 model is equipped with a humidistat to make this task as easy as possible. During operation, it continuously monitors the humidity level and automatically starts when the humidity level falls below the set value.

The AHS902 humidifier is also characterised by extremely quiet operation – only 30 dB.

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