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Product Name: TIKTAALIK alu


Weight: 6243

Size: 70mm*70mm*83mm

Origin: Korea 

∙ Key Features (주요특징)

1. Wireless charge

 - 10W wireless charge support

 - Macsafe compatible wireless charge(animation avaiable)

2. Powerful wireless speaker

 - 5W for one / TWS(2pcs) 10W maximum

3. TWS funcion

 - connect 2 pcs of alu and it can support stereo sound with 10W output

4. Standing function

 - 359degree rotate, adjust angle stand

 - watch the video and charge at the same time

5. Speaker phone function

 - with inbuilt microphone, user can receive a call or have zoom meeting

6. High quality aluminum body finish

 - Not only the design but also it offers better sound 

7. Bluetooth 5.0 

8. ergonomic design

∙ Advantages (장점)

 - easy to carry - compact and light weight

 - powerful multi function(wireless charger, bluetooth speaker, stand and mic)

 - high quality aluminum finish

 - all in one product

 - maximum 17hours for wireless speaker


 -KC certified

 -CE certified

 -FCC certified

Company Profile

CT5 Inc. aims products and space satisfy everyone’s five human senses. In this world anyone can speak their opinion or emotion and share them each other.

Innovative product – CT5 develops new product with new technology and ideas

Passion to be a top – CT5 aims top of the world

Creative human resources – CT5 grows up together with each of our specialists

Just society – CT5 knows and obeys rules and laws

Warranty Information

1year from shipment

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