The AVINTAGE brand launches this year two ranges of wine cellars with remote control. Temperature, lighting, alarms, the parameters of the wine cellar are adjustable remotely to keep an eye on your most beautiful vintages thanks to its compatibility with the Vinotag® application.


The column-integrated cellars of the PLATINUM range are equipped with internal ventilation and pantograph hinges that perfectly meet the expectations of kitchen professionals. Installation is simplified, high and low ventilations in the columns are no longer necessary. AVINTAGE even launches for the occasion a new size of wine cellar, unique on the market, specifically designed to fit under the worktop and thus be perfectly aligned with the furniture doors under plan. These service cellars embedded in the kitchen have lighting variations to sublimate your wines according to your desires. Thanks to remote control operation, the colour of the lighting can be adjusted from the Vinotag® app, between warm white, cool white or amber. The customizable lighting highlights the most beautiful labels and brings a unique and singular decoration to the kitchen.

The PLATINUM column range is also equipped with shelf with “label view”, thus preserving the brand's DNA by highlighting wine cellars in kitchens as well as their precious bottles.

With the PLATINUM cellars, AVINTAGE offers a rich range offering a synthesis of what is best in the world of the wine cellar. State-of-the-art equipment for design, optimal label promotion, all with intelligent connectivity on cellar operation and register.