Baby monitor

The baby monitor belongs to the wireless home security protection system. It consists of two parts: the caretaker (also called the monitoring terminal or the baby terminal) and the display (also known as the control terminal or the parent terminal). Monitor the baby's safety at any time through the monitor. As a home security product, the baby monitor uses the monitoring terminal to provide real-time monitoring of the baby's every move, every word and deed, and the monitoring results are sent to the guardian's control terminal through radio waves of analog or digital signals. device, and restore it to video or audio. By using baby monitors, parents or guardians no longer need to stay close to their babies or children to understand their behavior, and avoid frequent checks that affect the baby's rest, and can immediately detect abnormalities when they occur and process it. Baby monitors are not only the best daily care products for infants and young children, but also a good helper for taking care of the elderly and patients.

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