Bagless vacuum cleaner VCC701

  • Bagless vacuum cleaner VCC701
  • Bagless vacuum cleaner VCC701
  • Bagless vacuum cleaner VCC701
Bagless vacuum cleaner VCC701 Bagless vacuum cleaner VCC701 Bagless vacuum cleaner VCC701

The VCC701 bagless vacuum cleaner by Blaupunkt will meet the expectations of all users who value not only clean floor surfaces and furniture, but also fresh air at home. Vacuum cleaner efficiency is pretty well, it may collect up to 111% of the dust on a hard floor. This value is usually higher than 100% on the most efficient models because the machine also collects dust from surfaces adjacent to the suction brush when vacuuming. Efficiency of collecting dust from carpets is not much worse.

The VCC701 collects up to 87% of the dust from all types of carpets and linings in one stroke of a brush, which is particularly appreciated by allergy sufferers, as this is where most of the dirt and allergens accumulate.

Excellent performance is emphasised by the most advanced, replaceable HEPA H13 filter, which stops up to 99.97% of impurities, including dust, bacteria, protozoa and fungi cells. With the VCC701, you can be sure that the air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner is as clean and safe as possible for everyone in your household.

The VCC701 bagless vacuum cleaner is based on the cyclone centrifugal airflow. In the tank where the suctioned air enters, dust and pollen is separated by centrifugal force and the cleaned air, after passing through the subsequent filters, is directed towards the outlet at the rear of the device. The dust container capacity of 2 litres ensures that it does not have to be emptied frequently, but at the same time being small in size.

The cord reel and 5 m long cord make for yet another convenient feature, thanks to which you can vacuum even hard-to-reach places, such as the ceiling. The ability to park the device upright and horizontally will ensure trouble-free storage of the vacuum cleaner, and the noise level below 73 dB will make vacuuming easy on the ears of the household members. In addition, the smooth adjustment of the motor power and the vacuum generated in the handle will allow you to adjust the suction power to the surface being cleaned. Safety and durability of the device is ensured by a thermostat protecting the device from overheating.

The VCC701 vacuum cleaner comes with a range of useful accessories. Multi-purpose nozzle brush, wide nozzle with fine parquet bristles, crevice nozzle for vacuuming narrow spaces, e.g. between furniture, and a “brush” nozzle thanks to which you can easily vacuum wardrobes, bookcases filled with books or lamps. The metal telescopic tube will reduce the need to bend down and allow you to reach high places. All these components make cleaning comfortable, fast and, above all, accurate.

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