Black & Gold 3068B Plus ISO

Akko 3068B Plus Specification (Multi-Host)

USB Mode

Switch to this mode with Fn+U (The Akko Cloud Driver can only be used in this mode).

Bluetooth mode

Compatible with BT5.0 and can be connected to up to 3 devices, which can be switched by Fn+E/R/T.

2.4GHz Mode

Switch to this mode by pressing Fn+Y while the receiver is plugged in.

Hotswappable switches

The switches can be pulled out with the supplied switch puller and replaced with the desired switch.


Macros can only be programmed in wired mode via Akko Cloud Driver. However, they can be called up in any mode without the software.


This keyboard is made of Double Shot PBT plastic, which is very durable even with regular use and maintains its elegant shine for years.

Comparison of Akko Double Shot PBT keycaps with other ABS keycaps.


All keys except the function keys (e.g. the wireless connection keys, E/R/T ) can be rebinded or made into a macro with the Akko Cloud Driver.

The keyboard has built-in RGB LEDs that can be customised with the Akko Cloud Driver to provide more than 20 lighting effects, including pulsating lights to match your music.

What's in the box?

AKKO 3068B Hotswappable Keyboard

Pair of deco keycaps

2.4Ghz radio receiver

Keycap puller

Switch puller

USB-C cable

User manual