Bob - The iconic dishwasher.

  • Bob - The iconic dishwasher.
  • Bob - The iconic dishwasher.
Bob - The iconic dishwasher. Bob - The iconic dishwasher.

ABOUT BOB (Daan Tech’s eco-compact dishwasher)

First, Bob is Daan Tech’s first product, the world’s first autonomous, most compact and fastest dishwasher. It can wash 3 people's worth of daily dishes in only 20 minutes, using 5 times less water than hand-washing dishes. Made in France, from 65% of recycled plastic materials, it also holds the best repairability index of 9,3/10.

Bob is 

Ultra compact : slightly bigger than a microwave, it can be put for example on a kitchen worktop next to a sink. (34cm of width, 49cm of depth and 49cm of height)

Autonomous : just like you would fill up a coffee machine with water, Bob has an integrated water tank which can hold up to 3.9L of water, which you can fill up by hand at the top of Bob.

Fast and good for your wallet : glass washing cycle of 15 minutes and an express washing cycle of 20 minutes, Bob takes 5 times less water than washing dishes by hand

ergonomic and design : spacious with its modulable basket, a timeless design

We also have a professional offer, which is an upgraded version of Bob, indeed, Bob Pro was optimized with shorter cycles for an intensive use, an adapted and easy to use coloured screen, more resistant and a more modulable basket.i

What about Bob’s technology ?

Bob offers a tactile opening : you only have to slightly touch Bob’s small opening at the top of it for it to open. When your washing cycle is done, it also opens in a automatic way, allowing air-drying to happen, which saves even more electricity.

Daan Tech also offers Bob Cassettes and Bob Tablets, which are both detergent solutions. While Bob can work perfectly with any kind of detergent, Daan Tech offers two detergent solutions 

Bob Cassette : for people who might not like manually  putting detergent inside their dishwasher all the time, just like a printer, plug the cassette into Bob and let it take what it needs for its washes. Made in France in our factories.

Bob Tablettes : A mini compressed version of tablets, it is made from 98% natural products and of course made in France, in our factories.