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car air purifier BARAMI-5

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  • car air purifier BARAMI-5
  • car air purifier BARAMI-5
  • car air purifier BARAMI-5
car air purifier BARAMI-5 car air purifier BARAMI-5 car air purifier BARAMI-5

car air purifier BARAMI-5

One of the characteristics of Baramis-5 is  

1) Remove fine dust, sterilize, purify, and remove odors at once

2) Automatic mode application and selection mode function with air

quality sensor.

3) Easy to use, replacing only the HEPA filter.

4) Using a sturdy, quiet, quiet motor with an aluminum body.

5) Convenient design for cup holders.

6) Power supply type with no risk of battery explosion due to high

temperature inside the vehicle.

- BARAMI-5 has been certified as electromagnetic compatibility, KC, CE, and FCC

 We have a test report showing the quality performance.

1. HEPA filter (fine dust removal)

HEPA FILTER uses the top raw material of 3M company and is excellent in removing fine dust by preventing air leakage with adsorption pads and improving purification performance.

2. Photocatalytic filter (sterilization and purification)

The photocatalytic filter is made by condensing photocatalysts and can be used semi-permanently, has excellent sterilization and deodorization, air purification effects, and has eco-friendly and excellent performance to sterilize bacteria, bacteria, and viruses.

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Appeal point

The small but strong vehicle air purifier BARAMI-5 uses a photocatalytic condensation ball that can be used semi-permanently and a 3M HEPA filter, uses aluminum bodies to improve air flow and performance. The impeller pen motor is used (patent holding) by inhaling contaminated air and releasing purified air, and the noise is low. It is a small air purifier that can be used in reading rooms, children's rooms, office desks, and studio rooms due to its mobility and convenience of carrying.