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Car charging pile

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  • Car charging pile
  • Car charging pile
  • Car charging pile
Car charging pile Car charging pile Car charging pile

Protection function: electric leakage protection

Application scope: oil electric hybrid vehicles, pure electric cars

Charging time: 5 to 8 hours to fully charge (mainly depending on the storage capacity of the car battery)

Charging speed: max. 7 KWH/vehicle (For driving 40 to 50 km)

Function key: emergency stop switch

Startup mode: card swiping startup (no recharging required)

Input parameter: 220VAC, 6mm² copper wire

Output parameter: 220VAC, maximum 32A current

Power cord specification: new energy 7-hole charging head

Protection grade: IP68 (supporting outdoor installation)

Indicator light status: full charge light off

Length of power cable: 5m

Warranty: One year warranty

Rated current: 32A

Colors: black, green

3C rated voltage range: 110V-220V

Plug standard: national standard

Rated power: 7kw

Shell material: engineering plastics

Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong