HUNDA's main products include chargers, adapters, wireless chargers, power banks and cables. Chargers include wall chargers, desktop chargers, car chargers, etc. In these categories, we will quote the most innovative GaN technology to make the charger look more compact and save space. Features of efficiency and strong stability. Due to the continuous exploration and development of HUNDA, we can currently make GaN up to 300W. This means that not only your mobile phone, but also your computer and other larger devices can be matched and charged with GaN, or even charged at the same time. Our adapters include power supplies for various computer brands. These products are of good quality and can pass certifications such as Europe and the United States. For wireless charging, we are motivated to integrate multiple functional needs of customers to meet their simultaneous charging needs for small devices. As for the power bank, we focus on designing products that are more compact, portable but with high energy. Finally, there is the cable, which is the bridge to communicate with all the above products, so we are working on developing an all-in-one super fast charging cable, similar to C-C+C+L, C+C+C+C

, and improve the quality of the wire, prolong the service life of the wire, and design more attractive, high-tech, and easy-to-store appearances. The above are our current main products, but our products are far more than that. HUNDA sincerely accepts customers' OEM/ODM customized service needs. Our products can be defined by you~

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