CHASING M2 PRO MAX underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV)

CHASING M2 PRO MAX is an industrial-grade underwater remote-operated vehicle (ROV) designed for government and enterprise users. It is equipped with eight vectored thrusters, allowing 360-degree omnidirectional movements. The ROV can navigate at a maximum speed of 3 knots, dive to 200 meters deepwater, and move around a maximum horizontal radius of 400 meters.

CHASING M2 PRO MAX adopts quick assembly and disassembly technology, enabling tool-free quick assembly and disassembly of more than 20 accessories such as sonars, CHASING USBL KIT, and CHASING Water Sampler. In addition, CHASING M2 PRO MAX has an integration of five ports, which simplifies the integration of multiple accessories. Up to five accessories can be installed at a time. The ROV is powered by the second-generation anti-stuck motor C-MOTOR 2.0, which has 30% more power for a better anti-stuck capability. The second-generation shore-based power supply system (C-SPSS) is an optional accessory. It adopts the battery compartment design, with 1500W upgraded output power, ensuring M2 PRO MAX constantly works at full power without an outage. The external 8000-lumen floodlights can achieve the best beam angle at 150°, which resolves the reflection of floating debris and clearly illuminates every detail.

CHASING M2 PRO MAX provides easier-to-use, more professional, and more reliable underwater solutions for various industrial applications, such as underwater emergency rescue, hull and dock inspection, aquaculture inspection, water conservancy and hydropower inspection, scientific exploration, and offshore wind power facility inspection.