Chipolo ONE Point - Works with Google’s Find My Device app

Chipolo ONE Point is an item finder that works exclusively with Google's Find My Device app on Android phones. 

Always looking for your keys? Do you struggle to find your backpack? Is worrying about your luggage ruining your travel experience? Simply check Google's Find My Device app and see the location of your items, with the help of millions of Android devices that are part of the Find My Device network. Or, play sound to find your misplaced items. Chipolo ONE Point is made only for Android phones and works exclusively with Google's Find My Device app.

- Fast Pair: Connect your Chipolo Point to Google’s Find My Device app quickly & easily. Just press the button on your Chipolo Point and a pop-up on your phone's home screen will guide you through the process.

- Play Sound: Find your misplaced items by making Chipolo Point ring from Google's Find My Device app.

- Range Meter: Pinpoint the location of your items when they are nearby with visual distance tips inside Google’s Find My Device app.

- Locate Items: Track down your items by checking the last known location in Google's Find My Device app. The location gets updated with the help of Google's Find My Device network, made up of several million Android devices all around the world.

- Mark as Lost: Can’t find your things? No need to search, there’s a worldwide Android network ready to help you find your things. Mark your Chipolo Point as lost in the app and the entire Google’s Find My Device network will help you look for it. Add your contact info in case someone finds your items to speed up the return.

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