Conventional Electric Wok With Lid HP1212

Simple design, simple structure, easy to operate, lightweight pot body, easy to carry, 5L large capacity, operating surface of about 31 * 31cm, can meet the food needs of 3-5 people, very suitable for families with children.

body is adopt the die casting process, high temperature under the condition of spraying food-grade non-stick coatings, main color is black, and white dot large glass cover, durable, resistant and performance is very good and high quality plastic handle to the pot body, simple structure, convenient operation, the temperature controller for removable adjustable gear adjustment, easy to operate.

Conventional electric wok with lid is a professional Korean electric frying pans, fast heating, the function is all ready, Fried, steamed, Fried, boiled a variety of functions in one, to do professional electric skillet, noodles, boiled soup, also can be a professional soup pot, you can use it to make beef soup, vegetable soup, add oil, he is a deep fryer, full of love for the child to eat French fries, Fried chicken, etc. Grilled steak, bread is achievable, giving you a complete experience. The pot is dishwasher - safe, saving you time and energy.

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