Diamond Hill Hi-Fi Speaker Cabinets

  • Diamond Hill Hi-Fi Speaker Cabinets
  • Diamond Hill Hi-Fi Speaker Cabinets
  • Diamond Hill Hi-Fi Speaker Cabinets
Diamond Hill Hi-Fi Speaker Cabinets Diamond Hill Hi-Fi Speaker Cabinets Diamond Hill Hi-Fi Speaker Cabinets

Jiaxing DIBEISI Electroacoustics Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. In 2009, it obtained the DIAMOND HILL trademark registered by the State Trademark Office. The original intention of the brand was to create a high-end home audio. After years of technology accumulation and precipitation, we have finally developed a product that matches the brand image, breaking the predicament that foreign brands have been monopolizing and occupying the domestic market of high-end audio brands, and truly designing a product that is the light of domestic products. The speaker adopts a variety of patented technologies, new materials, and new processes, and uses a breakthrough technology of splicing cabinets inside and outside to achieve micron-level accuracy. The CNC aluminum alloy base below is perfectly matched with the top aluminum alloy cover, which is more solemn and generous, like a national treasure. The carbon fiber and walnut/rosewood piano paint panels on both sides are noble and elegant, and the rose gold large-horn midrange driver on the top of the speaker is dazzling. It is a noble art treasure at home.

The tweeter unit adopts 1" 25.4-core carbon fiber composite silk film, which improves the rigidity and damping of the tweeter, making the sound quality delicate and pure, and the degree of reproduction is higher. The sound reinforcement panel with the best angle, Y35 high-strength strontium magnet, fully demonstrates the extreme Broad frequency range.

DIAMOND HILL D series speakers adopt horn-type midrange, and the horn and cylinder are specially designed and made of 316 stainless steel, with new technology coating, and the surface of the horn is radiant. The arc angle of the sound outlet is fully considered to achieve the best sound effect. 90-core Kapton skeleton silver-plated wire voice coil, nano-composite coating diaphragm, high-temperature-resistant neodymium magnetic circuit design, and unique spiral-guided sound generation technology minimize distortion, clear and pure sound quality, and play the role of the soul of the speaker.

 The woofer adopts a square speaker with independent patent design. The square speaker has a large coverage area, which can effectively increase the bass radiation and make the low frequency effect better. The cast aluminum frame has high strength, fast heat dissipation, and small distortion. The carbon fiber cone has strong rigidity, Kapton four-layer double voice coil copper-clad aluminum wire winding, double-layer Y35 magnets provide powerful output power of the speaker.