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Enjoy the multiple benefits of the combination of two of the most beneficial heating plate materials on the professional market now working together synergistically in one straightener. The unique Dual Plates flat iron comes with two distinctive heating plates: one coated in Titanium and the other one in ceramic infused with essential oils. The ceramic coated heating plate offers a superb gliding experience, with guaranteed above-average thermal efficiency and maximum protection for your hair. The Titanium coated plate optimizes heat conduction and maintains a constant temperature, ensuring perfect styling. Both materials emit far-infrared heat and are a source of millions of negative ions that eliminate frizz and increase the hair shine. The combined benefits of both elements working together, is greater than the total benefits achieved by them working separately.

Heating Plates Size: 30 x 120 mm


• Always the ideal temperature 230°C-446°F 

• Polished Titanium coated plate: ideal heat conduction for hair that has undergone chemical treatments 

• Ceramic-coated plate with essential oil infusion: easy and gentle gliding on the hair 

• Wide, oscillating plates, avoid unnecessary thermal stress 

• Rounded design to create incredible curly or straight styles  

• 3 m long 360° swivel cord for maximum ease of use