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Flip back your life

The mobile phone revolution for everyone :

Enjoy all the advantages of a smartphone on your mobile.

The KaiOS operating system is designed to bring essential smartphone functions to classic mobile phones. 

The Energizer® E282SC enables you to access 4G Internet, Wi-Fi and GPS, to download apps, plus lots of other services.

A powerfull battery :

1400mAh is a big battery for a feature phone. 

Is it really useful, you may ask ! 

The new E282SC takes all the benefits of this battery using its new KAIOS operating system.

We found the best balance to let you enjoy all of your favorite apps without worrying about running out of battery.

Dual SIM and Micro-SD card :

The E282SC can support two SIM cards and one Micro-SD card.

Increase the phone's storage memory and enjoy 2 different lines in one mobile.

 You can combine 2 plans or choose two different operators for better network coverage.

Type micro SIM.

Micro-SD card up to 32GB.

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