EC 70 SafePlus - Emergency wristband

  • EC 70 SafePlus - Emergency wristband
  • EC 70 SafePlus - Emergency wristband
EC 70 SafePlus - Emergency wristband EC 70 SafePlus - Emergency wristband

True to the motto: “Freedom in everyday life, safety in an emergency," Beurer will be presenting its new EC 70 Emergency Wristband at IFA in Berlin. In the future, the health specialist aims to help anyone who wants to live their life independently, but is uneasy in everyday situations due to age-related infirmity or a disability.

Unlike traditional home emergency systems, the mobile wristband including the “caera” app can be used both at home and on the go thanks to mobile phone technology and a built-in SIM card, and can be located and called in an emergency.

From an emergency situation to assistance

In the event of a fall (which could bring about an emergency situation for the wearer), an automatic emergency call is sent out to up to six stored emergency contacts as a result of its fall detection mechanism. The wearer can also intuitively make the emergency call themselves at the touch of a button. The emergency contacts stored in the app are then informed. A contact person can immediately make initial contact with the person who has fallen, talk to them on the phone, receive directions to where they are, and provide assistance as quickly as possible. The chat function in the app allows the others to communicate with each other.

But what should I do if my relatives do not live nearby or are travelling? There is a solution for this as well. In addition to the required basic package, which includes six stored emergency contacts, there is an optionally available professional 24-hour emergency call service. Local emergency services are notified and can arrive at the location of the emergency as quickly as possible to assist the wearer.

Technical specifications at a glance

EC 70 Emergency Wristband

• Automatic fall detection or manual emergency call at the push of a button incl. tracking and a telephone function

• Mobile phone technology (2G) – for emergency calls indoors and outdoors

• Battery life of up to 21 days

• Durable, skin-friendly, and waterproof (IP 67) wristband

• Integrated SIM card for immediate use

• Emergency persons contacted rapidly via the app

• Easy configuration and overview thanks to the “caera” app

The “caera” app

• Setting up the wristband

• Booking the basic package (optionally: professional emergency call service)

• Emergency notification sent to the stored contacts or 24-hour emergency call service

• Directions to the location in the event of an emergency

• Voice connection to the wearer

• Wristband battery notification

• Chat function for the entered contacts

• Up to 6 emergency contacts can be invited