Semi-commercial ESPRESSO MACHINE

2800 watts, PID temperature control system

•With ON/OFF Retro toggle switch

•With pressure gauge

•15Bar high pressure ulka pump and 5Bar high pressure pump

•S/S steam and water pipe for cappuccino and hot water

•LED displays temperature and time; Touched control for

adjusting temperature and time

•Two boiler heating system, Can make coffee and steam

at the same time, without waiting for temperature to change.

•58mm durable stainless steel or Aluminum alloy filter holder

attached with single layer stainless filter to improve coffee quality

•2.0L detachable transparent water tank

•with water level gauge detection, displays warning light

to indicate lacking of water .

•Safe and reliable, overheating protected, and with safety

valve can release pressure automatically

•Release grouphead pressure automatically

•Drip tray for easy cleaning

•Durable stainelss cup plate for coffee cups preheating

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