EMG Bomber Zeta

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  • EMG Bomber Zeta
EMG Bomber Zeta EMG Bomber Zeta EMG Bomber Zeta

Are you in love with the Bomber fat bike, but want even more performance?

Do you like the lines of the frame but also want a graphic restyling?

The new Bomber ZETA is the one for you!

New style, new battery and the same reliability for the new Bomber Zeta electric bike! To increase the performance of our Bomber, we thought of increasing the battery, because the pleasure of riding it must last as long as possible!

Precisely for this reason, the new Bomber Zeta has an integrated 48V 10Ah 480Wh battery, a range of 60 km* and a 250W motor so that it can cope effortlessly and to the full even on uneven terrain!

The classic folding frame made of 6061 aluminum and revamped graphics characterizes the unique style of the EMG Fat-Bike and also make it easy to transport. The precise and high-quality Shimano derailleur  supports pedaling effortlessly through different degrees of resistance.

We know that an electric bike must be safe and comfortable, so the Bomber Zeta's double disc brake and suspension fork are ideal for this purpose.

A new style but still the same wild spirit for a Bomber Zeta electric bike!