Mit dem intelligenten Heizkörperregler FRITZ!DECT 302 und FRITZ!OS können Anwender ihr Zuhause smart und energieeffizient gestalten. Der smarte Regler FRITZ!DECT 302 und der FRITZ!DECT 301 unterstützen beim Einsparen von Heizkosten. Die FRITZ!Box als unentbehrliche Zentrale für Internet, WLAN, Telefonie und smarte herstellerübergreifende Anwendungen, bietet viel Potenzial zum Strom sparen.

FRITZ!DECT 302 is an additional smart radiator control. Connected to a FRITZ!Box, it automatically and precisely regulates the room temperature. This allows users to conveniently heat their home and according to their individual needs, saving energy and heating costs. Like the FRITZ!DECT 301, the FRITZ!DECT 302 can be conveniently controlled via smart switch, smartphone, tablet, laptop or FRITZ!Fon – as well as directly on the device. The intelligent radiator control in the new design has an easy-to-read e-paper display with a menu and four function keys. The extended energy concept, complete with with a new chip, ensures a long battery life across several heating seasons. The FRITZ!DECT 302 uses the energy-saving DECT ULE radio standard and can be installed on all standard radiator valves. Regular free updates provide new features.

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