Glass QD Board

The Glass QD board is a color conversion device product developed by WG Tech who owns intellectual property rights. The product with MINI LED backlight is designed to enhance the user experience of in-vehicle display and can convert blue light into white light. Glass QD plate for vehicle display is mainly to solve the problem of low color gamut of fluorescent film and environmental tolerance of QD quantum dot film. Compared with QD film, Glass QD plate uses glass substrate which obtains the function of water and oxygen insulation and has the best barrier effect that can meet the working requirements of QD material under extreme usage environment. For in-vehicle display modules, QD materials cannot be used to enhance the overall display color gamut of the display modules because the existing QD films cannot pass the verification of vehicle specification conditions. The Glass QD board developed by WG Tech can be used for in-vehicle display modules to significantly improve the color display capability of in-vehicle display modules. WG Tech's QD glass board has passed the company internal high temperature and high humidity blue light aging test for 1000 hours, fully proving the sexual resistance of quantum dot film used in the automotive field, and the product has been submitted to international and domestic patent applications.

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