The products in the Gold range are designed focusing the specific benefits of Argan essential oil. Also known as Moroccan fluid gold, the oil is used to infuse the material that coats the plates, tubes, and front grille of the line tools. Argan is extensively used in beauty products around the world thanks to its numerous, well documented properties and benefits. It contains a rather high percentage of essential fatty acids (80%) and tocopherols (like vitamin E), and lupeols, which are considered amongst the best natural antioxidants and make it an incredibly moisturizing oil. Its main benefits are restoring shine and life to dry, opaque and lifeless hair; strengthening the hair, while also infusing it with incredible silkiness and lightness; and sealing the hair cuticles, eliminating frizz, visibly improving the condition of split ends and overall hair appearance.


The line is fitted with ceramic coated heating plates, tubes and front grille. The material is one of the most used in the professional hair-care electrical tools world thanks to the fact it has amazing thermal capacity, yet is still extremely gentle on the hair, making it perfect for fine, colored or damaged locks. It also emits far infra-red heat and negative ions which dry hair from the inside out and seal the hair cuticles trapping moisture inside, neutralizing frizz. For even more benefits, choose the top-of-the line Dual Plates straightener, which comes with two distinctive heating plates: one coated in Titanium and the other one in ceramic infused with essential oils. The Titanium coated plate optimizes heat conduction and maintains a constant temperature, ensuring perfect styling and is also a great source of far-infrared heat and negative ions. The combined benefits of both elements working together, is even greater than the total benefits achieved by them working separately and guarantees even more splendid results.

• Power: 2200 W 

• Ultra-light DC motor 

• Ceramic Ion technology: healthy and frizz-free hair  

• "FLUID GOLD" ACTIVE OIL technology: soothing and emollient action, hair as soft as silk 

• 6 combinations of 2 speeds and 3 temperatures 

• Cool shot 

• Removable filter for easy cleaning 

• Comes with concentrator nozzle and diffuser 

• 2 m long cord, with hook to easily hang and store it 

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