GP Ultra+ Alkaline - 200% More Power

This new and improved Ultra+ AA Alkaline battery unleashes up to 200% more power*, driven by G-TECH.

G-TECH harnesses 4 powerful breakthroughs, from the inside out, to achieve a real power boost.

1. High-density Zinc S powder: Provides fast, robust power generation.

2. Multi-ring core with high-purity graphite: Enhances electrical conductivity and provides longer lasting power.

3. Streamlined Inner Design: Increases reaction area for greater power transmission.

4. Patented Leakage Prevention: Prevents battery leakage and effectively locks

in power, to protect your devices.

This Ultra+ AA Alkaline battery is a great choice for all your high energy-consuming appliances, such as: Game Console, High-speed Motor Toys, Home Medical Devices, Professional Flashlight, Smart Door Locks and more.

*up to 200% more power in high drain application vs IEC 60086-2 : 2021 MAD