HD-1298 110000rpm hair dryer set

◆Power:220-240V~ 50Hz 1200W

◆110,000rpm high speed BLDC motor

◆Intelligent temperature control system

◆ON/OFF switch

◆3 speed setting

◆3 temperature setting

◆Foldable handle in rotatory way

◆Ultra-silence technology reduces the noise generated by harmonic

resonance of motor , leaving only airflow sound

◆Ionic generator releases more than 10 million units/cm3 negative

ions per second, eliminating static electricity, smoothing the hair,

making the hair soft and shiny.

◆Slim design in light weight to easy dry the hair in short time

◆Detachable airinlet grill with magnet adsorption for easy cleaning

◆Overheating protection

◆Hang-up loop

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