IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic

  • IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic
  • IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic
IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic


the comfort of individuals with DYSLEXIA

It’s estimated that around 1 in 10 people are dyslexic, with at least 1 in 25 as severely dyslexic. Dyslexia is a specific learning disorder that affects the ability to process reading, spelling, or writing (or all three combined). Neurodivergence acknowledges that every human is

different, meaning dyslexia should not be considered a disease.

At IRIS, we are very sensitive about this topic, and we would love to walk with you through this journey.

IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic, is one of the best tools for supporting, training, and improving persons with dyslexia. The Readiris Dyslexic desktop application is straightforward so anyone can use it. It’s efficient, easy to understand, train with, and share with anyone.

The application comes with tons of unique features. One of the best is its ability to read loud all types of digital files or papers by highlighting words, at the speed of your choice.

Its user-friendly interface and translation tool, among other nifty features, makes the Readiris Dyslexic the best tool for Dyslexic kids and adults.

With superior technologies like Readiris Dyslexic, persons with dyslexia can read, spell, and write well with little practice.

IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Dyslexic is a solution able to help people with all types of dyslexia except dyscalculia (so dyslexia – dyspraxia – dysorthographia – dysphasia – dysgraphia).

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