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The most powerful, easy-to-use production scanning and OCR

solution supporting most popular high-speed scanners!

Boost your production scanner! Scan large quantities of documents at high speed, classify them by document type and transform them into compressed, indexed files that can be modified and are easy to share, archive and retrieve.

Main benefits of IRISPowerscan™

• No page limitation.

• A modular solution capable of fast scanning and processing of very large volumes of documents, up to 10,000 documents per computer per day.

• Wide range of document output formats available simultaneously (PDF, Word, etc.) including PDF/A-1b, ideal for long term archiving.

• Hyper-compression: compresses your documents up to 50 times with the same legibility! Facilitates document sharing and storage.

• Fast and accurate classification of documents.

• Advanced document type identification based on layout recognition (no separators or barcodes needed)

• Indexing of strategic data (text, numbers, barcodes, etc.)

• Easy export to document management systems and business applications (Microsoft® SharePoint®, Therefore™, FTP, etc.).

• Develop a connector to your own document management application thanks to an easy-to-use .NET wrapper.

• Easy information retrieval: indexing of your documents allows you to

easily find what you need using keywords or sections of text content.

• Easy to install and to use.

• Interfaces with all types of scanner.

• Database lookup: compare and/or match captured indexes with pre-existing databases