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Joe - The revolutionary all-in-1 oven

Daan Tech Hall: 2.2 Stand: 207

ABOUT JOE ( Daan Tech’s upcoming eco-compact oven)

Following Bob in the Daan Tech family and being introduced to consumers for the very first time at IFA 2023,  Joe is Daan Tech’s newborn revolutionnary product. Indeed, Joe is the world’s first cooking appliance which allows users to use up to 5 cooking modes. The idea behind Joe was to be able to replace every machine we only use once or twice a month and put it into one : Joe is a toaster, grill, steam cooking, heat convection cooking, air-fryer and finally microwave. Joe is truly one’s best friend by allowing users to use it at any time of the day, for anything.

Joe will also have its very own mobile application, which will allow users to join the Daan Tech community and discover many delicious recipes while making one aware of the impact foods can have on our health and on our planet.

It will be presented for the first time at IFA Berlin 2023, where we plan to launch pre-sales and make people aware of this new innovation by Daan Tech. IFA 2023 is of course one of the biggest European fairs there are, we thought announcing the launch of the pre-sales for Joe would be not only interesting for us, as it will gather attention, but also for other professionals, who will be present at IFA to discover new technologies. It is a real pleasure to be able to present our products this year again, hand-in-hand with the European International Committee, who saw in Daan Tech, Bob and Joe great potential for further development.


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