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Keychain 4 in 1 PD fast charging transfer data USB A Type C 60W Lighting 27W data cable gift products

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The latest product of the inCharge line, it magnetically snaps onto your keychain, so it's never left behind.

Being there over 5 billion USB and USC-C ports around the world, inCharge makes the low battery problem a thing from the past.

Charge & Sync

inCharge 6 features both charge and sync, allowing to quickly transfer your data from portable devices to computers.

One for all

The inCharge 6 patented design allows to charge any portable device from any power source.

A unique design.

Attention to detail, durable materials and premium quality connectors are the key values that make inCharge a real masterpiece.

A. N52 Magnets. The highest magnets grade possible.

B. Anti-slide system. Designed to never lose your inCharge 6

C. Metal housing.

The zync-aluminium alloy ensures components' protection and stability over time.

D. Cable guard.

To prevent wires' damages the TPU cable guard protects the cable from reaching its critical bending level.

Ultra lasting compound.

90 braided copper wires (A), protected by a TPU layer (B) and covered with a Nylon reinforcement (C) make inCharge 6 the strongest

keyring cable ever built.

Phone to phone.

One of the most eye-catching features of inCharge 6 is the possibility to transfer power when standard ports are absent from a

phone to another phone, wireless earbuds or any other device.

*only available with usb-c phones as input.


3 Anodyzed colors which enclose different user's tastes, from elegant neutral to more stylish and unique tones.


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