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Kit CB radio PNI ESCORT CB 8000L ASQ + CB PNI ML70 antenna

ONLINESHOP SRL by PNI Hall: 6.2 Stand: A110
  • Kit CB radio PNI ESCORT CB 8000L ASQ + CB PNI ML70 antenna
  • Kit CB radio PNI ESCORT CB 8000L ASQ + CB PNI ML70 antenna
  • Kit CB radio PNI ESCORT CB 8000L ASQ + CB PNI ML70 antenna
Kit CB radio PNI ESCORT CB 8000L ASQ + CB PNI ML70 antenna Kit CB radio PNI ESCORT CB 8000L ASQ + CB PNI ML70 antenna Kit CB radio PNI ESCORT CB 8000L ASQ + CB PNI ML70 antenna

ASQ Adjustable

An innovation in the CB segment, the adjustable squelch (ASQ), offers the ultimate in comfort even for the most demanding CB CB radio station users. If until now we were accustomed to activating / deactivating the ASQ, now the PNI brings its adjustment function, which allows the elimination of up to 100% interference, background noise and bandwidth in the CB band.

ASQ button on microphone

For enhanced steering comfort, PNI has positioned the automatic squelch (ASQ) on / off switch on the microphone. Besides this button we find the microphone and up / down buttons to change the channels so you will not have to take your eyes off the road to operate these main functions.

Reduced dimensions

You can use the product in any car as it is one of the smallest CB stations on the market. Robust and well-liked design, can be placed in any location: armrest, board, between chairs without uncomfortable or disturbing.

Key lock switch

CB CBI Radio Station The HP 8000L Escort has a switch on the front panel that allows you to select the Emergency Channel (19), Normal Mode (CH), and

Activate Key Lock (L) , a useful function in situations where you want to avoid touching accidental keys of the station.

CB PNI ML70 antenna performance

The performance of the product is closely related to the technical characteristics of the antenna under ideal conditions of installation and use: SWR <= 1.2, maximum applied 200 W, impedance 50 Ohms, stainless steel etc.

Communication distance

The distance of communication is another decisive factor in the acquisition and use of a CB antenna. Thus, the communication distance of up to 9 km is reached in ideal working conditions: calibrated antenna, open field without obstacles, station with maximum legal power of 4W and standard reception. Any obstacle such as hills, mountains, buildings, walls can reduce this distance.

Length of the antenna

The length of the antenna is a very important factor that can influence the distance of communication. Thus, the longer the antenna is, the longer the range is. The PNI ML70 antenna has a length of 70 cm (magnetic base included).

Magnetic base

The PNI 145 / PL magnetic base is provided with a 4 m cable, enough to seat the antenna on the dome, is 145 mm in diameter and a powerful magnet that provides the antenna with stability even at high speeds.

Full package

This kit is ready to be assembled with the package: antenna, magnetic base with cable and PL259 socket, calibration alveolar. All you need to do is mount the antenna on a magnetic base, connect it to a CB radio station, and calibrate it for maximum performance.

Product Identification

Product code: PNI-PACK2

General Radio Station Features

Model: Furniture

Broadcasting type: AM-FM

Frequency: 26.965-27.405 MHz

Channels: 40 AM / FM

Microphone type: 6 pins

Audio signal distortion: less than 8% @ 1 KHz

Emission power: 4 W

Modulation: FM: 3KHz ± 0.2KHz, AM: 85-90% feeding 12 V Consumption: 2A

Dimensions / Weight: 115 x 36 x 152 mm / 0.8 kg

Special Features Radio Station

ASQ (squelch automaton): Yes

ASQ adjustable: Yes

Emergency channel button: 9/19 Yes

Radio antenna features

Frequency of work: 26 - 28 Mhz

Number of channels: 40

Maximum power applied: 200 W

Minimum SWR at the center of the band: less than 1.2

Length of the antenna: 70 cm (magnetic base included)

Working distance: 7 km

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Material: Stainless steel

Connector type: PL259

Diameter hole: 16 mm

Magnetic base included: Yes

Magnetic base diameter: 145 mm

Cable length: 4m

The package contains

CB radio station: Yes

CB Radio Antenna: Yes

Magnetic base: Yes


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