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What is atmosphere without music and light?

Whatever atmosphere you want to cultivate, you’ll need the right music and lighting to set the mood and create the framework for the perfect experience.

Lemus Life combines the power of music and light in a minimalistic Danish design that challenges everything you thought you knew about sound and light in restaurants, hotels, cafes, and shops.

Lemus Life means freedom – the freedom to decorate and design the right atmosphere without any disturbing elements.

Experience how vivid an atmosphere becomes when you combine perfect sound with fine-tuned lighting that perfectly fits your needs.

Our built-in, 360° speaker plays high-quality wireless music – without

interruptions from unstable WiFi or outside noise.

Stop struggling with meter-long cables thanks to Multiconnect,

which makes connecting an unlimited number of Lemus Life to each other simpler than ever.

Create the perfect environment for your business with Lemus Life – while saving money, time, and effort.

Lemus Life creates completely new possibilities in the home for combining light and sound through the lamp socket or the standard socket. Are you into smart lighting or something else - with the E27 socket, the choice is entirely up to you. Lemus Life comes with Bluetooth 4.2 with MultiConnect function, so you can connect as many devices together as you want - without reduced sound quality, difficult connection, setup and Wi-Fi.

It has never been easier to integrate sound and light in the home - without difficult connections, unsightly cable clutter and disturbing elements in your interior. Connect your Lemus Life to a lamp socket, or purchase the elegant frame in black or brass, so you can use Lemus Life as a table lamp and speaker.

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