The Magellan Brewing Machine M series is the most powerful product combination of iGulu’s intelligent commercial equipment. It integrates complete brewing, fermentation, cleaning, and cooling units, which can automatically operate for the whole process. Among them, Magellan-M also automatically detects the whole process data by adopting high-precision sensors, making it the most automated mashing product in the global brewing equipment market. Meanwhile, it uses iGulu’s self-developed BrewOS system, which allows for “Internet of Everything” whenever and wherever possible, enabling users to experience a smoother brewing process. Every beer lover can choose the brewing style that suits them. For professional brewers, the expert mode offers you a convenient custom technological process; whereas brewing novice can become a qualified “brewer” through simple training or online courses. At present, iGulu has more than 100 mass-produced recipes, and over 100 restaurants have introduced Magellan-M, ushering in a new fashion of craft beer.