Monsgeek M1 DIY Kit

  • Monsgeek M1 DIY Kit
  • Monsgeek M1 DIY Kit
  • Monsgeek M1 DIY Kit
Monsgeek M1 DIY Kit Monsgeek M1 DIY Kit Monsgeek M1 DIY Kit


PCB Mount/Screw-in stabilizers tend to vibrate less. M1 uses Akko stabilizers (un-assembled) with nylon housing in case users want to lubricate.


Renovated Encoder

The encoder has been designed to avoid scratching the case and offers more stability.


Golden Accent

Adding a touch of class and elegance, we opted to add a beautiful golden accent so that no matter which way you look at it, you’ll fall in love over and over again.


South-facing PCB

The south-facing PCB of the M1 avoids causing interference with Cherry profile keycaps, offering more compatibility and flexibility. (Kind note: The “Enter” key of M1 ISO layout version could be compatible with 3-pin mx switches only.)



MonsGeek M1 supports VIA for cross-platform (Linux/Mac/Windows) advanced keyboard configuration.

This feature is exclusively for international version of M1.


3mm Case Foam

Monsgeek has developed its own budget custom material that performs equally as well as poron.

*Disclaimer: Using thicker foam may reduce flex, whether to include it or not is down to your personal preference


PET Insulation Layer

A PET insulation layer has been added to the bottom case in order to prevent any short circuit issues. It’s rare for these issues to occur but we want to add extra protection.


Model M1 (international QMK ver)

Mount Gasket

Case Material Aluminum CNC

Color Pink/Black/White/Purple/Red (New Year)/Red (Christmas)

ISO Layout Y(Under Development)

Connection Wired


Hotswap Y

PCB Thickness 1.2mm

Plate PC

Plate Foam Y (MonsGeek Custom Material)

Switch Pad IXPE

Case Foam Y (MonsGeek Custom Material 3mm)

Drying Agent Y

Tape Y (not pre-installed)

Stabilizer Akko Screw-in Stabilizer (pre-clipped, but not pre-installed, 4*2u+1*6.25u)

Force Break Mod Stripes Teflon Pads (not pre-installed)

Software VIA/QMK

Cable Coiled Cable

Size 33.2cm*14.7cm*3.3cm

Barebone Weight 1962g