Monsgeek M2 DIY Kit

  • Monsgeek M2 DIY Kit
  • Monsgeek M2 DIY Kit
Monsgeek M2 DIY Kit Monsgeek M2 DIY Kit

M2 is a 1800 compact QMK and south-facing aluminum barebone keyboard.

1800 compact layout are efficient, and ideal for users who want to maintain the full-size of the keyboard while save desk space.

Note: M2 requires 2 x 1.5u function keys (ALT/FN) at R1. It is compatible with Akko MDA / SAL profile keycaps. Given M2 intl’ version is QMK programmable, users can literally program any key; hence, any keycap sets with alternate 1.5u R1 keys are theoretically compatible with M2 such as Marrs Green, World Tour Tokyo Cherry Profile etc.

Disclaimer: we do NOT sell domestic non-QMK version on global store. All M series model you see are international version exclusive. 




Model M2 (international QMK ver)

Mount Gasket

Case Material Aluminum CNC

Color Black/Silver/Purple

Compatible System Mac & Windows & Linux

Connection USB-C Wired


Hotswap Y

PCB Thickness 1.6mm

Plate PC

Plate Foam Y (MonsGeek Custom Material)

Switch Pad IXPE

Case Foam Y (MonsGeek Custom Material 3mm)

Drying Agent Y

Tape Y (not pre-installed)

Stabilizer Akko Screw-in Stabilizer (pre-clipped, but not pre-installed, 4*2u+1*6.25u)

Force Break Mod Stripes Teflon Pads (not pre-installed)

Software VIA/QMK

Cable Coiled Cable

Size 39.1cm*14.6cm*3.27cm

Barebone Weight 2150g