mWatch Monitoring

To successfully introduce your product in a foreign market, country-specific requirements must be considered, which may differ from country to country. We offer you our expertise for your success in your target export country!

The VDE mWatch Monitoring Service is based on Alerts which you will receive via e-mail. Tailormade information to keep you informed on changes of market access requirements.

The Alerts are based on a Notification Matrix created from: Product + Target Countries + Requirement Categories. In case that there should be changes for one requirement selected from the Requirement Categories you will receive a notification Alert by e-mail.

We can provide you with updates in case that market access requirements do change for countries in that you are going to sell or 

already selling your product.

In case that you need support on the interpretation of the updates on market access requirements, then our impact assessments can support the follow up steps.

Our monitoring services help you to keep your product compliant and avoid disturbance of your business.


- Obtain targeted compliance information with ease

- Receive email alerts when there is regulatory update related to products of interests

- Improve products compliance management

- Save time and manpower cost

- Shorten time to market

- Improve product safety and quality

- Reduce risk of recalls

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