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MYHIXEL Lube 50ml

MYHIXEL Hall: 27 Stand: 435
  • MYHIXEL Lube 50ml
  • MYHIXEL Lube 50ml
  • MYHIXEL Lube 50ml
MYHIXEL Lube 50ml MYHIXEL Lube 50ml MYHIXEL Lube 50ml

All the essence of MYHIXEL in a natural water-based lubricant, with a fresh aroma and no dyes. Specially designed to lubricate your MYHIXEL II device and achieve a realistic feeling of very satisfying penetration.

It contains phytoplankton, a powerful compound based on microalgae with proven benefits for the health of the skin in your most intimate areas. Its antioxidant action protects and provides elasticity, helping to prevent skin aging and improving and rejuvenating its appearance. Its application not only improves your experience of using your MYHIXEL, but also looks after your skin.

Its papaya extract provides vitamin A and vitamin C for extra protection, hydration and revitalization for your skin, and its citrus aroma is so refreshing!

Its water base respects your skin’s pH, doesn’t irritate your most sensitive areas and doesn’t damage the inside of your MYHIXEL II.