NOUS L6Z ZigBee Smart Switch Breaker

If you are looking for a smart device that can turn any 10A appliance into a smart home gadget, you should check out the Nous L6Z Zigbee smart breaker. This smart switch can control lights, air conditioners, fans, heaters and more with just a touch of your phone or a voice command. You can also set schedules, timers and scenes for your smart devices and enjoy the convenience and comfort of smart home automation.

The Nous L6Z Zigbee smart breaker works with Nous smart app and Tuya smart life apps, which are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and other popular voice assistants. You can also connect it to Home Assistant via zigbee2mqtt and use it without cloud dependency. To use this smart switch, you need a Nous E1 or Nous E7 gateway, which acts as a Zigbee hub and connects your smart devices to the internet.