Nous Tasmota L6T WiFi Smart Switch Breaker

If you are looking for a smart home device that can make any 10A device smart, you might be interested in the Nous L6T WiFi Smart Switch Breaker with Tasmota. This is a smart switch that can control one device, such as a light bulb, an air conditioner, a bathroom fan, or any other electrical appliance. You can mount it in the wall or behind it, and it has no physical controls besides the web interface.

What makes this smart switch different from others is that it comes with Tasmota installed. Tasmota is a free and open source firmware that allows you to control your smart devices without relying on any cloud service or app. This means you can protect your privacy and avoid any potential security risks. You can also customize your smart switch with various settings and features, such as timers, schedules, scenes, rules, and more. 

The Nous L6T is a smart home device that can make your life easier and more convenient. You can control your lights and other appliances from your phone or your voice, and set up routines and automations to suit your needs. You can also save energy and money by turning off devices when they are not in use. It supports 220V/240V electrical devices and works with LED bulbs.

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