PowerOcean Home Solar Battery Solution

A more affordable home solar battery solution

The PowerOcean key components include a three-phase EcoFlow Hybrid Inverter and EcoFlow LFP Batteries. Each battery pack features a built-in DC-DC converter, which enables seamless conversion from 48V and 800V, allowing the hybrid inverter to operate effortlessly with one single battery pack. Compared to series-connected battery systems that require two to three battery packs to start with, the PowerOcean offers an option with a lower basic investment.

With a base capacity of 5kWh, the PowerOcean is expandable to 45kWh by connecting up to nine battery packs, letting users to customize their own solutions based on their power needs and affordability. In addition, the battery packs support parallel connection and thus avoids mutual influence of batteries. As a result, if one of the battery packs malfunctions, users only need to replace the battery instead of all of them.

Standard-setting reliability and safety

By using CATL's battery cell with LFP battery chemistry, the PowerOcean offers a 6,000 life cycle, which means users can power their homes on a daily basis for more than 15 years. Furthermore, the PowerOcean comes with an industry-leading 15-year warranty, providing users with an extra-level of peace-of-mind.

Additionally, EcoFlow sets a new standard in the industry as each battery pack is integrated with an active fire protection module which is activated when the temperature is over 170°C. Not only that, auto-heating modules in each battery pack ensures the functioning of the battery when the temperature is as low as -20°C. In the meantime, the entire system is IP65 rated, making sure that users' homes get steadily powered in various weather conditions.

Ultimate home backup power for any emergencies

The EcoFlow Hybrid Inverter is integrated with a backup module, offering an output of up to 10kW to power almost all appliances, including water pumps, washing machines, and dishwashers. Adding that to a battery system which is expandable to a maximum 45kWh, the PowerOcean allows users to not compromise their quality of life in the event of an outage. What's more, the PowerOcean offers an ultra-fast automatic switching to power essential appliances whenever the grid fails, meaning that users will hardly notice that the power has gone out.

Cutting-edge user-friendly design

The PowerOcean supports a 10-minute wiring-free battery installation and an ultra-fast three-step commissioning process, saving users an abundance of time. Moreover, the PowerOcean features a compact and exquisite design with its 180mm ultra-thin battery which fits in any basement or garage and saves space for other appliances, and a stack-up battery design and click-on battery terminals to get rid of cable clutters. Last but not least, the PowerOcean offers an energy management system which is visualized via the EcoFlow app and web portal, allowing users to monitor and manage their energy usage in real time and save on energy bills.

PowerOcean DC Fit - Change less, save more

According to EUPD Research, over 1.67 million sets of residential solar systems have been installed in Germany, while under 40% of them are integrated with battery storage systems, leaving around one million households facing declining FiT (Feed-in Tariff) and thus in need of an economical retrofit storage solution. As a result, for house owners who have already installed residential solar systems and are looking for power storage solutions, EcoFlow also offers the PowerOcean DC Fit, which is an easy and cost-effective retrofit battery storage solution.

With EcoFlow's unique PV coupling technology, the PowerOcean DC Fit utilizes the same battery packs as the PowerOcean, and allows its battery packs to directly connect with the existing home solar systems, without the need of an on-grid permit which can take weeks to apply for. On top of that, the PowerOcean DC Fit does not require any changing of AC wires or a storage inverter.

The PowerOcean DC Fit is compatible with most PV inverters on the market by using an innovative self-adaptive control algorithm, and features an all-in-one minimalist design design which support seamless integration of batteries and converting devices. In conclusion, with the PowerOcean DC Fit, users can achieve energy self-sufficiency in an easier way with lower investment, by simply adding battery storage of up to 15kWh to existing home solar systems,