Product safety

Testing for product safety is among the VDE Institute’s core tasks. It sets the groundwork for all other tests. Ever since the VDE Institute was founded in 1920, the safety of the tested electric products has been the most important focal point of our tests.

With VDE certifications, manufacturers have the peace of mind that their product meets current normative and legal safety requirements along with generally accepted technology rules. We support manufacturers as early as during the development process, thereby ensuring early error detection and cost savings.

Consumers can rest assured that the VDE-tested product poses no hazard. As such, the VDE mark also ensures legal certainty in liability matters. For consumers, retailers and importers, the VDE mark also means a sure sign that their product complies with all requirements.

In addition to certification with the promotionally effective VDE mark, we also offer an entire assortment of additional national and international test marks and certificates. Our international service grants you access to all important markets worldwide.

Our service offering:

- CE conformity testing

- Conformity testing during the development process

- Design checks

- Risk analyses

- Spot checks

- Standards conformity testing and certification

- Standards consultation

- Support in issues of security, EMC and additional characteristics of your products and assessing your management system

- Tests according to customer specifications

- Testing in the VDE laboratory and in the manufacturer’s laboratories