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“S·LIGHT” is new concept of world most advanced emergency alarm system in the world by using of afterimage effect (POV).

 "S.Light" alarm the emergency situation to following drivers by displaying HELP, SOS and Warning triangle symbol in the air by rotation and symbol can be changed as per customer’s request.


 60cm diameter of red LED images made by rotating LED bar create prompt and intuitive warning to following drivers and it is visible more than 300m behind.


 Following driver can recognize the warning sign at driver’s eye level even current warning Triangle product stands on the road since S.Light stick on top of passenger car or higher side part of truck and bus.

 “S·LIGHT” is innovative public interests products to decrease secondary accident.


 Stick the magnetic bottom of S.Light on the opened trunk of passenger and side part of big truck & bus and then adjust the

visible angle with flexible pole.

 Power on “S·LIGHT” and escape from dangerous spot to secure passenger’s safety.


 “S·LIGHT” got CE, FCC and KC certificate and guarantee top class IP66 of water proof and works 120 minutes ( Mentioned as 90 minutes ± 10% on manual considering safety item character ) with 3 X AAA batteries which is the sufficient time to settle the problem on the road.

 Since LED light is not seen clearly during the daytime, we provide 55CM diameter of warning triangle board for daytime use and air pressure suction cup which can be used to attach non-metal surface is provided optionally.

 Provide hard plastic case for long term storage in the truck with both side velcro strip to prevent moving of plastic in the trunk.