Safee Case

An anti-aggression phone case equipped with an on-board electronic system connected to an application giving access to 5 deterrence, prevention and legal support functions. 

1. Powerful 130 decibel alarm, which attracts the attention of nearby witnesses and deters aggressors by the surprise effect (130 decibels is the equivalent of a gunshot to the ear). 

2. Live transmission of cameras, microphone and geolocation to emergency contacts. Emergency contacts can see what's happening in real time and call the police directly from the application. 

3. Following the assault, we provide the victim and his or her emergency contacts with the evidence they need to file a complaint with the police. 

4. Safee has a discreet mode that works in the same way, and can be activated from within the application. It enables the alarm not to be activated, and the home screen to be blocked, to suit all situations (harassment at work, at school or even domestic violence).