Seagull Pro

· As the flagship product of Aiper’s Seagull Series, the Seagull Pro is Aiper’s most advanced product to-date and is making pool maintenance easier than ever before.


· The Seagull Pro includes advanced new cleaning technology and features to methodically clean every pool it lands in – no matter the shape or size – including a first of its kind WavePath™ Navigation Technology, the world's first powerful quad-motor system, and wall-climbing capabilities. With a run time of 3-hours and quick charge time of 90-minutes, the Seagull Pro will leave your pool sparkling clean fast.


· Perfect for larger-sized pools up to 3,200 square feet, the Seagull Pro is equipped with three cleaning modes – floor cleaning, wall cleaning and auto-mode for both so no corner is left dirty. Once the Seagull Pro is finished cleaning, it will self-park near the edge of the pool where consumers can collect it via the included pool pole hook attachment. After a cleaning cycle, empty the nylon debris collection basket and give it a quick rinse with the hose – simpler than having to clean the pool for hours at a time.


· Aiper products inspire a “bring vacation home” mentality by turning a backyard into an at-home paradise. Eco-friendly, Aiper robots also reduce the workload on a pool’s filter system thus making it more energy efficient.


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