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SEALTICKER (Sealing Sticker)

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  • SEALTICKER (Sealing Sticker)
  • SEALTICKER (Sealing Sticker)
SEALTICKER (Sealing Sticker) SEALTICKER (Sealing Sticker)

Brand Specialized in Security Seal Labels

Sealing + Sticker = SEALTICKER

Attaching Sealticker to a place you need security or want to seal. After removing, there will be traces of the labels on the product surface. Thus, it can be checked whether the product is opened or not.

Label types include Transfer SEALTICKER that leaves a pattern on both the label and the product, Non Transfer SEALTICKER that leaves a pattern on only the label, and position type SEALTICKER that leave certain phrases on the surface.

[Label type]

1. Transfer Sealticker

When labels are removed on purpose from a place of sealing, it is labels that leave specific traces(VOID) on the attached surface.

After removal, it is possible that checking whether it is opened or not through the traces of removal from the attached surface.

Applications- Sealing product box, Warranty/AS Label

Options- Logo & notice word prints(Max 6 colors), serial numbers, Customers’ name(SAMSUNG,LG)

2. Non-transfer Sealticker

In the case of removing a label on purpose, it is the label that leaves the trace(VOIDOPEN) only on the surface of the label.

After removing the label, residue remains on the attached surface, which is suitable for unwanted use.

Application – mobile phone camera prevention label, sealing PC/Notebook, vault, Industrial tools and container.

Options- Logo & notice word prints(Max 6 colors), serial numbers, Customers’ name(SAMSUNG,LG)

3. Position Sealticker

It is a label that leaves the hidden words(design) by 1 to1 matched position in the case of removing the label from the attached place for sealing.

Unlike the general sealing labels which show the hidden letters including VOID OPEN and VOID, it is highly rare item that can be used as the verification labels as well as the security functioned label with high-level of material designs to be appeared the hidden letters at the specific location.

4. Security Sealing tape type Sealticker

This product is produced as a tape type product which is a product integrated the tape function and security function.

Both transfer type and non-Transfer can be produced

Application - sealing boxes, sealing documents.

Options- Logo & notice word prints, Customers’ name(SAMSUNG,LG)

manufacturing process - 50mm*50m/roll

Sealticker provides special sealing labels to general corporations as well as security documents about Government offices & public organizations. We are developing products using diverse materials. Also, established facilities for small customizations.